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Pacific Coast Vaulting Club

Equestrian Vaulting in Woodside

Join one of the Country's most successful Clubs.

What we do..

From tiny tots to National and International medalists, we mentor children and young adults through Equestrian Vaulting, providing a safe environment where they can learn the three R's.

  • Respect - For living things, their environment and each other.
  • Responsibility - taking care of the horses, their team mates and their club.
  • Resilience - The self confidence to prevail and to never let go of their goals and dreams.

Horses have been considered therapeutic for centuries and the bond between horse and man has prevailed throughout the ages. Research has suggested that children who are involved with horses are more responsible and are problem solvers and the activities with horse stimulate the brain.

'There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man' a quote still holding true to this day.